The forgotten Pietje

The Club of


asked us to…

Troubles in Spain

For Messercola

we did the


Drag race Holland

For RTL Netherlands /

VOD platform Videoland…

The Bachelor

The grading of

the trailer for the

second season of…

Dutch Government 'Terace'

Bruut Amsterdam
asked Cinemeta to
do the grading…

Sleepless nights

For the pilot
of the children’s
‘horror’ -series 
sleepless nights….

Dutch government 'Avoid crowds'

The Dutch government has launched

a COVID-19 campaign in the last weeks 

of 2020. Bruut Amsterdam produced it,

and asked us to do the image post production. 


Series 'My little big brother'

KRO-NCRV youthseries, by producer NewBe and

director Iris Hogendoorn. Cinemeta was asked to do

the colorgrading, audio post, VFX and deliveries.

Prince Bernhard Culture Fund

The Prince Bernhard Culture Fund

exists 80 years. To celebrate, they

created this commercial. Cinemeta worked

on color grading and motion graphics.



For this worldwide campaign

by Starbucks we did the color

grading for all online clips.



Image & Sound

Cinemeta is a full-service postproduction company in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. We offer a complete range of audio and image post production services. From editing to deliveries we are equipped to handle feature films, documentaries, art films, commercials, series, promo’s, leaders, trailers, videoclips, corporate films, animation in 2D and 3D, visual effects, online media and digitizing.


We are open and follow all government guidelines to ensure the optimum safety for our employees and our customers. We work from home whenever that’s possible. Physical contact is minimized in our studio’s and everything is cleaned before and after a customer enters the studio. We can also provide remote services by source-connect, Zoom, Teams, Skype or Google Meet.

We work hard to make your post production experience as smooth as possible in these difficult times.


A postproduction company with a long history. We have extensive experience in a wide variety of postproduction skills. It is our goal to deliver image and sound just as our clients like to see and hear it.


Two high-end recently build audio studios with great acoustic performance. We provide all audio services which are required for a perfect production. A grading suite with DCP viewing, and choice of grading on monitor or projection. A visual effects and title department offers all possibilities regarding image postproduction. Besides this, we can also provide in-house production coordination and diverse possibilities for ingest and deliveries.


We have worked very pleasantly together with Cinemeta for the visual effects of our feature film. Short communication lines and a single point of contact is a blessing. These points are very important in a complex process which special effects for a feature film is. Cinemeta handles changes very quickly and very knowledgeable. Flexible, top quality, and a beautiful result!

- Erik van Wegen

Line Producer / Production Supervisor, Tom de Mol Productions


Joop Geesinkweg 127

1114 AB Amsterdam

The Netherlands


+31 (0)20 3300330