De Bellinga’s : Huis Op Stelten

For this comedy, Cinemeta worked on grading, VFX, title design, ADR, sound design, mastering & deliveries. This feature will premiere august 2022.

After the Bellinga family vloggers are voted the best vloggers of the year, thieves, green with envy, hatch a plan to steal the gold winner’s cup.

Director: Armando de Boer
Producer: Jabadoo Pictures
Director of Photography: Goof de Koning
VFX Supervisor & Title design: Joris Vos
Colourist: Marco van Bergen
Sound: Ruud Jehae & Wim Post
Deliveries: Richard Meintjens



Joop Geesinkweg 127

1114 AB Amsterdam



+31 (0)20 3300330